MN Real Estate Broker low fees.

March 16, 2010

Join our team.   Agents keep 95% of gross commissions on every sale.   There is a better way to manage and broker real estate agents.  The traditional way used large offices, training centers and huge corporate overhead.  Plain and simple they were just too large.  Because of the overhead they no choice but to charge you more.  Traditional broker  splits typically start around 60% for agents, and all sales volume is wiped clean at the end of each year and you start over.  Not with us.  As a MN Real Estate Broker with low fees, you start the year at 95% and stay there.  Because of the advancements in technology and internet, we are able to keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to the agents.  Agents are charged a $345 broker transaction fee on each deal, that is it.  There are no monthly fees charged to agents from the broker.  You will still have to pay your mls dues to your local board and keep up your continuing education on your own.  As a MN Real Estate Broker low fees is the way of the future for agents.  The internet is broader, faster and more effective.  Why would you network your new listings to just your own office on a tuesday morning, when you can target market and broadcast the information to thousands of agents with a click of a button.  As a MN Real Estate Broker low fees is a very important part of making our company successful.  In these current real estate conditions, agents do not want to spend $1,000 month on renting space or have their broker take 30-40% of their check or more.  Give me a call today and I would be happy to talk or meet with you.  As a MN Real Estate Broker low fees are the way of future for agents.

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