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  • State of the art office for agents to collaborate, network and meet clients!
  • The wave of the future in Real Estate!
  • Keep 95% from day one. No desk fees! Zero!  All the latest tools and support.


Our resource center is a place for agents to handle day to day operations of real estate.  It is a warm, inviting, friendly, professional atmosphere for agents to collaborate, network, share ideas, meet clients, display listing and buyer presentations, educate and perform professional real estate services in a whole new way.  As real estate has become more transient and mobile, we have designed our space to accommodate that.  From little things like a lounge area and coffee stand to raising the table heights in conference rooms to imply a less formal engagement to keep clients comfortable and relaxed.

Our Philosophy-

Our business model is simple….To eliminate the brick and mortar, without sacrificing the tools agents need to be successful.  By following this model, we are able to pay our agents the most aggressive compensation plan available from a full service broker.  These models are the way of the future and have been successful on all fronts.  Think about Blockbuster to Netflix, or Travel agent to Travelocity.  Circuit City recently eliminated all of their brick and mortar to become a online company distributing out of a warehouse.  This warehouse principal works particularly well in Real Estate.  Because of the advances in technology, agents are able to get more done on a laptop and smart phone, then a traditional office environment.  There are some real estate companies that believe there will come a day when transactions are done completely online, without a agent.  Our belief is that there will always be a need for a strong professional agent to represent clients on one of the largest asset purchases one will make in a lifetime.  We feel that we are positioned perfectly between a traditional broker and a virtual online company.


Our offices are WI- FI enabled for ease of use.  Agents can simply bring in their laptop and log on to our secure network wirelessly with a designated password.  Our conference rooms are equipped with Internet ready flat panel televisions.  Agents can view listings, do presentations for clients and more.  Our systems allow for agents to handle the process of paperwork for transactions with ease.  We look at each area of our business and ask ourselves ” how can we make this better, easier and simpler for agents.”

Internet exposure

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If you do not know anything about S.E.O, you are probably not alone.  It stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is a key part of being successful in today’s real estate world.  We have a Internet specialist that will help you to rank for key search terms for the area that you specialize in.  With 80% of buyers and sellers starting their search online,  this is a very important part of being successful in today’s market.


Branding your Name-

We feel that it is important for the agent to have their own brand.  Let’s face it, they are hiring you, not the broker.  As a broker, our philosophy is to fly under the radar in terms of recognition, and let the agents receive the recognition they deserve.  We promote agents to create their own logo, create there own incorporation and run their business like a business.

If you are considering a change with your real estate broker, give us a call for a no obligation consultation.  We would be happy to compare plans and show you what we have to offer.

Compensation Plan

Broker Fees

  • Agent keeps 95% of gross commission
  • Agent is charged $345 transaction fee (closed deals only)
  • E&O insurance is $250/year
  • No desk fee! No tech fee! No franchise fee! No showing solutions fee!

Agent Tools

  • Free temporary business cards
  • Free real estate sign panels (agent pays for post install)
  • Free photo tours on all listings
  • Free WiFi or hardline Internet connection at offices
  • Full MPLS input and status changes on listings
  • We promote personal branding rather than broker branding
  • Showings handled through B.A.S.
  • Freedom to negotiate commissions
  • Full or part time agents welcome
  • No minimum production requirements
  • Many social networking opportunities monthly
  • Professional, experienced staff
  • No broker fee is charged on referral fees
  • Finally, your own phone number on signs
  • All calls and emails direct to agent
  • Full Internet exposure on all listings
  • Top ranked Loan Officer located in same building
  • Powerful networking and Internet tools
  • Checks are cut the same day
  • Broker promotes agent team building and branding

Contact us at (612) 840-2210 or send us an email.

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