Luxury Minnesota Homes On Water

January 11, 2012

Are you interested in luxury Minnesota homes on water?  We have compiled a list of 14 luxury Minnesota properties on water to intrigue your real estate desires. At the time of this posting these properties range from $4.2 million to $24 million and around a half an acre lot to around 12.  Take a few minutes to peruse the list and let us know what you think or if you’d like to set up a showing.

Luxury Minnesota homes on water

Sample luxury home

Luxury Minnesota Homes On Water

To continue from our previous list of trends in luxury home building and remodeling we’ll highlight a few more for you here.

It has become very popular again in luxury Minnesota homes on water, to have contractors build built-in cabinets, bookcases and other functional pieces of furniture right into walls, closets or other spaces that lend to this kind of styling.  Built-in furniture is convenient – it eliminates the need to buy furniture and requires much less energy and manpower when moving.  It is also very functional and many times gives more space for storage than the pieces you buy and move in.  The look can be sleek and classic while eliminating clutter and staying organized.

Similar to the idea of the built-in cabinetry are the organized and detailed closet spaces that luxury Minnesota home owners are having built today.  I don’t know what could be better than starting your day off in a wonderfully organized and lit closet.  The shoes are there for you to view so organized in their shoe spaces, pants are hung in the designated pant space in color-coordinated order, as well as the shirts and jackets.  Dresses have space to hang without draping over other articles.  If you need an ironing board just pull it down from the built-in cabinet.  Many feature a large island in the middle with drawers for other articles.  Large mirrors, the jewelry is all organized, designated space for ties…the possibilities are endless.

More Minnesota luxury home trends

White cabinetry and trim has made a comeback.  It has been a classic feature in homes for many many years.  Today you will see it used widely and in many of the most expensive homes.  Mix it with any color, any style and it looks great.

This is a small list of hot trends in luxury Minnesota home building today but enough to get your imagination flowing.  Open houses and builder showcases are a great way to tap into the latest trends.  Not only are there several luxury Minnesota homes on water or waterways, but also in up scale communities such as North Oaks.  North Oaks is a private community on the North side of the Twin Cities off Hwy 96.  This upscale neighborhood is nestled in a densely wooded section of land filled with mature trees, several lakes and North Oaks Golf Course.  Dellwood is another popular destination for the discriminating buyer looking for a peaceful setting on typically larger lots.  Most luxury homes in the Dellwood area on an acre or more of land.  White Bear Lake and White Bear yacht Club private golf course are within minutes of Dellwood.  The “Peninsula” is great place to start your home search for a luxury Minnesota home on water.  Located on White Bear Lake with spectacular views and a tranquil feeling that is hard to find anywhere else.     From sprawling ramblers to turn of the century tudors, you are sure to find a variety of Minnesota luxury homes that will fit your style and taste. 

Call us if you’re ready to visit a luxury Minnesota home on water.Experts at LaBelle Real Estate Group will assist you through the process of home buying and selling.

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