Cheap realtor fees to Real Estate agents in MN

March 16, 2011

We provide cheap realtor fees, and still have all the tools you need to operate a high level of real estate business.  Here at LaBelle Real Estate Group we believe that the agent does all the work, therefore, the agent should keep higher commissions.  The business of real estate transactions is changing by the minute.   Most consumers now are doing most of the leg work on their own and online.  If you want to stay on top on the real estate game, you better be plugged in with every piece of technology, on line tool,  mobile printer, smart phone and social network site that is available to mankind.  That being said, the way we as brokers are handling agents should be different as well.  By offering all the tools you need to succeed, and providing cheap realtor fees to real estate agents, we can both can be very successful.  Everything related to completing a transaction is become more streamline.  From online contracts, to book a showing software, our jobs are simplified.  The brokers role use to be to provide those forms, and office space to meet new clients, and for that, they would charge you a handsome fee.  That is just not the case anymore.  Now clients search online and call you when they are ready to see that perfect town home.  Contracts are drafted from anywhere you have a laptop computer.  That is why it is not fair to charge full service brokerage fees.  If you want a professional image, all the tools to succeed and want to keep higher commissions call us today for an interview.  Cheap realtor fees to real estate agents in MN is what we provide.  Our program offers agents 95% of the gross commission on every deal, every time.  No need to climb through the commission brackets any longer.  Are you tired of starting each year  giving your broker 50% of your gross commissions?  If so, stop.  Becasue we can provide cheap realtor fees to real estate agents in MN.  Call today at 612-840-2210

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